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    Potomac Spectrum Partners, LLC (PSP) is a telecommunications solutions provider, specializing in “bottom-up” solutions, not “one-size fits all.” We deal with the ultimate end user needs to create a solution that works for them. We have proven technology and we provide solutions dictated by the needs of those closest to the problems being solved. That is why TETRA is so overwhelmingly successful worldwide. We provide solutions for government and business. PSP has had the most time cultivating this bottom up approach. Relationships built. Financial power to build systems of any size, get it done now, and into future, with security even while system sharing. An ancillary but important effect of PSP’s work in providing communications solutions is bringing jobs back to the US. This is something of which we are extremely proud. As a subset of job creation, we are focused on hiring veterans wherever possible because we believe their skill sets match our needs.

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    If your company is thinking “solutions that work,”
    You need to be thinking PSP.

    PSP Solutions for Most Efficient Spectrum Use

    - Highly Spectrum Efficient Trunked Radio Systems,
    - Alarm and Telemetry Solutions,
    - Adaptable Radio Modem and Communication Terminals for SCADA.

  • Tetra Overview

    • TETRA is the world leader, by far in proven, resilient mission control First response.
    • TETRA is multi-use worldwide.
    • TETRA continues to be deployed at increasing volumes worldwide.
    • TETRA can operate on multiple bandwidths including 150 MHz which is generally preferred by US First Responders and which they already possess.
    • Technical emission interference issues were raised by TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association) at the FCC in efforts to keep TETRA out of North America. TETRA has never caused interference anywhere in the world.
    • Opposition to TETRA is anti-competitive.

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    The attached document is part of the correspondence, after the meeting, sent to Ray Baum, Senior Policy Advisor to the Sub-Committee, which also included both majority and minority counsel in attendance. The meeting was arranged by PSP for the TETRA to attend. PSP continues to work with USACE in the Pacific Northwest in our efforts to find solutions, as the Corps works to protect our safety.

  • Mission Statement

    PSP provides the customer with results from open standards based solutions and applications that cover the broad spectrum of voice, data, monitoring and data control services with scalable security/encryption, network redundancy and resilience demanded by these users as they migrate from legacy analog technologies. Gateways for interoperability of field and remote users and back end subsystems/dispatching whether centralized or distributed applications can be integrated from an international and US based eco-system of expert suppliers. Integration or transition of legacy systems and emerging broadband services are all possible. Customer requirement capture is essential part of the PSP engagement methodologies. PSP provides the highest levels of spectrum efficiency applicable to the customer's needs.

    Company Profile

    Shared networks

    With actual private operation by multiple agencies, departments and specialist groups are all possible and considered and various procurement and funding models can be addressed. The spectrum from fully owned , fully outsourced or hybrid models can be constructed in a consultative process with clients and supply chain. Many radio system users have the same coverage areas, often resulting in duplication of purchases and infrastructure installations. With PSP architecture, the many disparate infrastructures are condensed down to one shared by the various users, groups, agencies, etc. in a geographic area.

  • Introducing Tetra

    TETRA, the most successful mission critical communications voice and narrow band data open mobile radio standard in the world. The main purpose of the TETRA standard was to define a series of open interfaces, as well as services and facilities, in sufficient detail to enable independent manufacturers to develop infrastructure and terminal products that would fully interoperate with each other as well as meet the needs of traditional PMR user organisations.

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    Terrestrial Trunked Radio

    Tetra meets and exceeds the FCC narrow band spectrum efficiency requirement of one voice channel or 4.8 kbps data rate per 6.25 KHz of spectrum.

  • North American Tetra Forum

    Potomac Spectrum is proud to be a recognized member of The North America TETRA Forum (“NATF”). The NATF promotes TETRA as an open multi-vendor digital trunking technology and viable mobile radio solution for the North American / Canadian regions.

    More on the NATF

    NATF Members

    • Represent North American interests in the evolution of the TETRA standard.
    • Facilitate development of voice and data applications and other value add services in the region.

  • Multi-vendor Integration

    Multi-vendor integration is a user needs driven initiative that addresses the practical application of open systems standards to the delivered services requirements. PSP integrates compliant products into a complete platform, and thereby delivers a broad range of services, features, capabilities on the platform, more than is possible with the use of a single source.

    PSP Vendors

    Featured Vendor

    Potomac Spectrum is proud to be the selected distributor of Racom Modems. RACOM focuses on radio data products since its birth in 1992. RACOM is currently one of the world leaders telemetry and SCADA modem market.

  • Monitoring & Data Applications

    Potomac Spectrum Partners, LLC (PSP) has developed a system for collecting and managing sensor data from remote locations using robust commercial components and custom developed software providing a more robust and flexible network than any existing today.

    PSP, Patent-Pending Technology

    With Years of Market Research

    PSP has developed a system based on the needs of utilities and federal agencies. The greatest needs in environmental monitoring are reliably gathering data and easily analyzing that data.

Tetra Standard

TETRA is an open Trunked Radio Communications standard developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). The main purpose of the TETRA standard was to define a series of open interfaces, as well as services and facilities, in sufficient detail to enable independent manufacturers to develop infrastructure and terminal products that would fully inter-operate with each other as well as meet the traditional communications needs plus provide enhanced capability,features, services and the ultimate in spectrum efficiency for radio "group" communication user organisations.

Technology Benefits

The core technologies used in the TETRA standard, such as Digital, Trunking and Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) also provide a number of inherent advantages and benefits. The most significant benefit being spectrum efficiency followed by enhanced radio capabilities and service features. Nowadays, practically everything electronic uses digital technology and wireless communications are no exception.

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Potomac Spectrum Partners is proud to be partnered with Power Trunk. Part of the mission of the PSP/PT partnership is to educate those who have no real knowledge of TETRA. PSP/PT believes that once potential users understand TETRA, they will be in a position to effect real change in the market place.