Mission Statement

Potomac Spectrum Partners (PSP) and its principal Members have a long history of involvement and pedigree in the Land Mobile Radio, Wireless and Telecommunication sectors and network operations.
Most recently PSP has concentrated its efforts on integrated wireless solutions and applications for the Mission Critical government, utilities and transportation sectors drawing on local and international experience. PSP is concentrating on open standards based solutions and applications that cover the broad spectrum of voice, data, monitoring and data control services with scalable security/encryption, network redundancy and resilience demanded by these users as they migrate from legacy analog technologies. Gateways for interoperability of field and remote users and back end subsystems/dispatching whether centralized or distributed applications can be integrated from an international and US based eco-system of expert suppliers. Integration or transition of legacy systems and emerging broadband services are all possible.

Customer requirement capture is essential part of the PSP engagement methodologies. Shared networks with virtual private operation by multiple agencies, departments and specialist groups are all possible and considered. PSP pioneers in bottom up solution procurement and funding models can be addressed. The spectrum from fully owned , fully resourced or hybrid models can be constructed in a consultative process with clients and supply chain; bring factories back along with the technology. Multi-vendor integration allows the mapping of functionality requirements from the most basic user needs and financial capability through to the most secure and sophisticated requirements on the same core technology platforms.


Potomac Spectrum Partners






1. Latest Technology

PSP will be deploying remote installation sites coupled via shortwave radio to a central monitoring center. The central monitoring center has enterprise-class Oracle databases backing an interface designed to allow users to analyze remotely collected data and create projections and models from live and historical data.

2. Professional Team

Potomac Spectrum has put together an experienced management team to lead the organization through this dynamic industry. The assembled team was chosen to a large degree on the experience that they had within the industry. The telecom industry is quite technical and comprehensive information and insight of this unique sector is instrumental for success.

3. Software and Analytics

High availability and scalability are musts for today’s enterprise level solutions. PotomacSpectrum’s data collections services are built on current and emerging enterprise best practices. Carefull attention is paid to guaranteeing the gathering of real time metrics while also assuring the availability of those metrics for advanced analytics. All services are secured with best in class encryption algorithms and advanced authorization and access control schemas.

4. Environmental Care

PSP has developed a system that solves the data handling needs of environmental monitoring agencies. PSP’s system merges proprietary database software with mission specific monitoring hardware to provide a complete remote data collection solution.

 An apparatus for monitoring humidity exposure of system components in an enclosure, the apparatus comprising: