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Potomac Spectrum has put together an experienced management team to lead the organization through this dynamic industry. The assembled team was chosen to a large degree on the experience that they had within the industry. The telecom industry is quite technical and comprehensive information and insight of this unique sector is instrumental for success

Jim Judson Potomac Spectrum

C. James ( Jim ) Judson

Key Investor & Member

Mr. Judson is perhaps best known as co-founder in 1995 (along with Craig McCaw) of Eagle River Investments, LLC, a Kirkland-based venture capital fund focused on communications. Those familiar with the telecommunication industry are aware that the birth of the cellular industry began with McCaw Cellular which ultimately became the backbone of AT&T Wireless. Through Eagle River Investments, Mr. Judson and Mr. McCaw took ownership of Nextel making it a household name. Ultimately Nextel was purchased by Sprint.. From 1975 through 2010, Mr. Judson was a business law partner at Davis Wright Tremaine in Seattle, Washington. Mr. Judson has a B.A. from Stanford University in economics and an L.L.B. from Stanford Law School. Mr. Judson also has interests in the cutting edge of telecom investment as well as outside of telecom.

Executive Team


President & Managing Member

While still attending Columbia College at Columbia University in New York, Mr. Scapier began his business career in international finance through personal contacts in Korea and the US. In addition to studying a liberal arts curriculum at Columbia, Mr. Scapier augmented the scope of his education by simultaneously attending classes at New York Polytechnic Institute, also in New York City. Mr. Scapier has had a global career from early on, working with the largest and most influential and renowned firms and individuals in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Egypt, Mexico and Canada. Early in his career in international finance, Mr. Scapier developed a methodology for “stand-by” financing of goods or services reflecting market conditions while producing stability. This type of transaction is now in common practice. Seriatim, Mr. Scapier was responsible for spot marketing as well as long term financing in petroleum, pulp and paper and transactions involving products and services sensitive to international governmental politics, for example the sale of Saudi oil to Israel. Mr. Scapier also developed relationships within the telecom industry at the highest levels, predominantly dealing with the utilization of spectrum. In 1994 he moved into wireless telecom where he became interested and involved with 800 MHz spectrum utilization. He acquired all of the available 800 MHz spectrum in Alaska and put together what is now the Sprint system in Alaska.

Chief Technology Officer

Jim Medlock has worked as an independent consulting engineer since 1993, providing his vast radio communications experience and knowledge to industrial, commercial, broadcast, Federal, Military, State, municipal, and institutional clients supporting Land Mobile Radio systems. Systems range from very high traffic capacity multi-complexity wide area trunking radio to multi-site wide area coverage. These include simulcast, telemetry and remote control, data communications, non-line of sight HF radio, simple conventional repeater and base-to-mobile radio. Jim’s current focus includes advanced technologies of Tetra, DMR, PMR, dPMR, TETRAPOL, TdR, AmTR, and LTE communications. Jim focuses on special applications and adaptations of many types of radio equipment to suit unique customer needs, often integrating varied radio communications technologies. These systems include Sonar, Radar, RadioNavigation, Aviation, vehicular tracking, telemetry, remote control, and traffic management. Jim supports the implementation of a diverse venue of radio systems from the planning stages, through regulatory compliance application, grant, and assurance to on-site supervision of installation, training, documentation and final acceptance testing. In 1977, Jim joined Raytheon Marine Company as a field service engineer, later advancing to field engineer supporting the manufacturer’s electronics by creating training classes, installation manuals, operator manuals, warranty certification inspection criteria, and maintenance manuals, product improvement design modifications for electronics equipment since this department has always been of his interest, and that’s why he always visit sites as Product Expert online to find the best electronics for the home and office. During his time at Raytheon, Jim was cited for his excellence in supporting the marine electronics used on several America’s Cup racing yachts for three consecutive winning racing seasons. He later advanced to the position of Product Development Manager for Communications, developing radios for the MF/HF-SSB, VHF-FM, UHF, and Satellite bands and assuring their regulatory compliance. He spearheaded the first use of Loran-C for precision placement and retrieval of oceanographic research equipment. Jim served as the President of the Marine Technology Society (MTS) student chapter for three consecutive years. During High school and college at the University of Pittsburgh and Florida Institute of Technology he built three school campus radio stations and supported the oceanography department research vessel by maintaining the communications, radar, and radio navigation equipment. Jim has participated in Civil Air Patrol (CAP) as a squadron communications officer, and currently enjoys participation in MARS (Military Auxiliary Radio Service) communications activities.

Jim Medlock Chief Technology Officer

Jim Medlock


Thomas Eric Malot

Thomas Eric Malot


Senior Vice President – Operations

Located in Central Point, OR Thomas (Tommy) Malot brings over 30 years of management, development and construction leadership experience to Potomac Spectrum Partners LLC. Prior to his involvement with PSP, Tommy founded Malot Environmental Inc., as well as Tom Malot Construction Company Inc. where he is the President and Chief Executive Officer. Not only is Tom Malot Construction Company one of the premier construction companies in Oregon, but also Malot Environmental Inc. has worked with corporations throughout the United States dealing with a variety of environmental issues. Tommy has overseen multiple large-scale projects, which ranged from the closing of bakery facilities for Interstate Brands to the cleanup and reconstruction of State and Federal Housing projects.

Director, Construction & Deployment Operations

Hal Ohler has 40 plus years in the construction industry, ranging from small excavation projects to large commercial/industrial projects. Significant, pertinent and key companies for whom he has provided construction and installation services include Qwest (now Century Link), AT&T and Verizon. Hal has created strategic alliances with organization leaders to align effectively with and support key business initiatives. He has built and retains high performance teams by hiring key individuals, developing and motivating skilled professionals. Having worked as Chief operations officer with company oversight, Hal is committed to cost-effective management of resources and quality performance.


Hal Ohler

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Ryan Breen

Senior Vice President, Information Technology

Ryan brings superlative IT skills as well as people skills to Potomac Spectrum Partners, LLC, having started in business as self-taught, leading to honors degrees in both IT and Liberal Arts. Bruce Scapier is fortunate to have worked with Ryan previously, and was singularly impressed with his IT and marketing capabilities.  Ryan has founded and managed entities prior to joining Potomac Spectrum as  Senior Vice President. Our youngest member at 26 of senior management, Ryan, nonetheless, bring over 10 years of IT knowledge and experience to the executive team.


Senior Vice President, Western States Operations

Graduated from Portland State University with a bachelors degree in science.  George Ohler has many years experience of coordinating sales of parts and equipment to construction, forestry, marine and automotive to federal, state and local government entities as well as private businesses and individuals.  George coordinates various aspects of safety programs within company guidelines.
George worked with Bruce Scapier for many years working towards the acquiring and recovery of spectrum.  Currently, George is working to set a new precedent with the FCC.

George Ohler

George Ohler