Integration Services

PSP Radio Solutions for the most efficient spectrum use and the most capable radio services.

Our integration services typically include but are not limited to:

  • Custom Configuration
  • Professional Design
  • Regulatory Compliance
  •  All Supporting Customer Radio Communications Needs

Our construction is qualified and meets multiple federal and state regulations in order to initiate and complete your system integration.

Potomac Spectrum works with various equipment, management, Information Technology, regulatory, construction, and engineering services suppliers to formulate the best cost effective result to satisfy the customer’s radio communications needs.   Potomac Spectrum provides Turnkey services covering all aspects of the Radio System Process: from concept to completion and successful results.  Potomac Spectrum provides its talent and experience toward all two-way radio and data – telemetry radio systems for Land Mobile Radio services, Private Mobile Radio, Maritime Safety-of-Life, Public Safety, Government agency, Military, Industrial, Institutional, Aviation, Land Transportation, Utility, and other uses.  Our integration services typically include but are not limited to: custom configuration, special applications, professional design, multiple capabilities, shared radio systems, interconnected radio system for large area coverage,  special adaptations, specific as well as unique specialized applications running on the user terminals and interconnected devices, etc. all supporting customer radio communications needs.  Potomac Spectrum systems provide radio coverage areas from single building to campus to town, to very large area coverage employing multiple radio sites and extensive infrastructure.  Potomac Spectrum also configures very large complex network control centers, auxiliary centers, information gateways, and dispatch centers using CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch)  and AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) technologies integrated into GIS (Geographic Information Systems) satisfying many needs for improved efficiency and safety and security.